Shoulder Pain Relief Starts At Ethos

Shoulder Pain Relief Starts At Ethos​

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Throw Shoulder Pain Aside

Regain Your Freedom Through Our Shoulder Pain Solutions

It’s a common concern for people of all ages – that persistent ache in your shoulder, often worsening just when you need your mobility the most. The thought of undergoing surgery and enduring weeks of recovery can be daunting, especially when it means sacrificing your active lifestyle.


But surgery is not the only answer for chronic shoulder pain. With a comprehensive approach that targets the root cause and safeguards against further discomfort, you can reclaim your shoulder’s function without extended downtime or quick fixes.

Get Moving Again!

Data-backed Solutions to Shoulder Pain

Proven Treatments

Many of our patients have been advised to consider surgery to alleviate their shoulder pain. However, at Ethos, we rely on science-supported regenerative injection therapies for conditions like rotator cuff tears or arthritis, offering an alternative to surgery and a path to getting back to your active pursuits.

Integrative Approach

We don’t settle for temporary relief. Our skilled medical professionals will diagnose the underlying issues causing your shoulder pain, devise a tailored treatment plan, and implement measures to prevent future occurrences.

Specialists Who Care

Shoulder pain can stem from various sources, such as overuse or injury. As every individual is unique, we’ll create a personalized treatment strategy to help you return to your favorite sports or enjoy everyday activities without discomfort.

Long-Term Results

Our regenerative injection treatments can address current shoulder pain and reduce the risk of recurrence. No need for surgery or prolonged rest – just an integrated solution that lets you regain your shoulder’s mobility.

I had been dealing with pain for 7 years and doctors weren’t willing to help since imaging was coming up clear. Dr. Matt and his whole staff are super friendly and helpful! The treatment I received has made my knee feel better than it has in years and I am finally down to very little or no pain again.
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Amanda M.

How Do Regenerative Injections Work?

Regenerative Injections are our primary solution for addressing shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears or arthritis. Injections at the pain site can stimulate cell regeneration, repairing damaged tissue. When performed correctly, this therapy boasts a high success rate and enables many patients to avoid surgery, allowing them to embrace their active lifestyle.

Conquer Shoulder Pain with Integrative Medicine!

Shoulder Pain Resources

At Ethos, our goal is to end your pain and stop it from returning. 

Still uncertain about how to address your shoulder pain? You have several options to help you find relief, whether you are contemplating surgery or prefer an integrated approach. Explore these free resources on shoulder pain to determine if Ethos’ approach is right for you.