Don’t Lose Your Grip Over Elbow Pain

Don’t Lose Your Grip Over Elbow Pain

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Tennis Elbow Got You on the Sidelines?

Get Back to Doing What You Love—
On and Off the Court

You’ve been playing for years, and now it’s finally caught up to you—tennis elbow. What started as a tiny twinge in your arm is now a burning pain, and you’re finding it harder to grip your racket. You might not even be a tennis player, but you still feel the pain. Maybe you have a job involving repetitive movements, or you simply strained your arm many years ago. Whatever the cause, you can’t ignore the pain anymore. Every chiropractor and doctor you’ve seen has tried what they can, but the pain isn’t going away. You may even be considering surgery—but you can’t afford all that downtime, and you want to keep doing what you love. It’s time to take a swing at tennis elbow with an integrative solution.

Get Back in the Swing of Things

Data-backed Solutions to Elbow Pain

Accurate Diagnosis

Tennis elbow can be a blanket term for elbow pain. At Ethos Integrative Medicine, we’ll examine your pain thoroughly by taking scans of your elbow, asking you questions about your symptoms, and accurately diagnosing the cause.

Specialists Who Care

Our team are experts in integrative medicine and understand that pain keeps you from living your best life. We won’t send you on your way as soon as the treatments are over. We’ll continue to follow up with you to make sure your pain hasn’t returned. Our work isn’t done until you live a pain-free life!

Integrative Approach

We don’t do temporary fixes here at Ethos. We want to get you feeling better and doing what you love again! We use surgery-free approaches like prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and other data-backed treatments to get you back in the swing of things.

Long-Term Results

Our treatments are designed for long-term results with no side effects or surgeries. Using regenerative orthopedic treatments that work with your body’s natural healing processes, we’ll get you back to feeling great and staying active on your own terms.
I had my first injection and within three months I was doing considerably better and by six months and very little downtime, I was much better. Dr. Matt sees me periodically to track my condition. It’s been over a year now and I feel great, I’ve moved up one level in Tennis, and haven’t missed a day on the court except for rain!
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Marjorie V.

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is our number one solution to elbow injuries like tennis elbow. Injections into the pain area can trigger cell production using platelets, the liquid part of your blood, regenerating the damaged tissue. PRP therapy has an incredibly high success rate and helps many patients avoid surgery, giving them more time to enjoy their active lifestyles.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is an innovative approach to treating sprained ligaments. These injections contain dextrose, a type of sugar. The injection triggers the growth of soft tissue in the elbow, easing pain after as few as 3-4 injections. Many patients find that their ligament pain is greatly improved after just a few months!

Tennis Elbow is No Match for Integrative Health!

Elbow Pain Resources

Still deciding what to do about your elbow pain? You have many options to help you feel better again, whether you opt to have surgery or want a more integrative approach. Check out these free resources on elbow pain to find out if Ethos’ approach is right for you.