Whether it’s hiking Camelback Mountain or playing competitive sports, the Scottsdale sports medicine specialists at Ethos Integrative Medicine understand that we have to feel great to keep our active lifestyles. Our dedication to regenerative medicine means we have the most effective treatment plans for sports injuries, arthritis, back pain, or other types of soft-tissue and joint issues. Our Scottsdale prolotherapy treatment services also give patients better outcomes with quicker recoveries due to our use of therapy that is derived from evidence-based research.


Sports Medicine

Whether patients are recovering from an injury or seeking to boost athletic performance, Dr. Matthew Hernandez administers state-of-the-art treatments that consistently produce results for them. Patients who prefer cutting-edge non-surgical treatments are excellent candidates for the healing power provided by Ethos.



Patients suffering from back pain most frequently seek our Scottsdale prolotherapy treatment to ease their discomfort. This nonsurgical procedure involves an injection of a natural irritant into the tissue of the injured area. The irritant triggers the body’s natural response to healing the damaged ligaments, which when healed and strengthened, reduce stress on joints and reduce pain.


PRP Therapy

Our Scottsdale PRP therapy helps heal or reduce pain for a number of common joint issues. Extensive research supports the use of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to reduce pain and heal many conditions.


Hormone Therapy for Women

Ethos Integrated Medicine in Scottsale, Ariz., provides consultation and services for therapeutic hormone treatment for women to balance hormones to alleviate symptoms related to painful periods, menopause, and infertility.


Hormone Therapy for Men

Our team at Ethos Integrated Medicine can assist in correcting irregular levels of testosterone and other male hormones. Balanced hormones help men reduce their risks of heart disease, early death, cancer, and diabetes.


Eliminate Joint Pain

Avoid Pain Medications and Surgery