Feel Your Best with Hormone Therapy
for Men

Feel Your Best with Hormone Therapy for Men

Balanced hormones are the key to regulating your energy, metabolism, sleep, and libido.

Getting older is unavoidable. But it shouldn’t mean putting your best years behind you! Care at Ethos is integrative so that you can maintain all aspects of your health. Low testosterone and imbalanced hormones can drastically disrupt your quality of life and lead to increased risk for abnormal cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight gain in men. Hormone Therapy can help you achieve your goals of renewed vibrancy, improved sexual health, targeted fat loss and muscle gain, and enhanced overall energy.

Optimize and Revitalize Your Health.

Hormone Therapy for Men

Set and Reach Your Goals

At Ethos, we see our work as a collaboration. We work with you to figure out your goals and help you plot a treatment plan to reach them. Our partnership starts with an initial consultation where we prioritize your expectations from the start.

Personalized Approach

Many men are looking for solutions to improve their overall health and longevity. But that doesn’t mean we treat everyone the same. One-size-fits-all approaches just don’t work. We start with an individual consultation and take the time to assess what’s really at the root of the problem.

Feel Like Yourself Again

Our carefully designed treatments are crafted to enhance your mental sharpness and boost your energy levels, delivering noticeable improvements within just 2 weeks. Say goodbye to fatigue and reclaim your vitality with our proven approach to revitalizing men’s health.

Long-Term Results

Keeping your results is the end goal. Our treatments are designed for long-term, optimal results with no side-effects. Consistent labs and follow up visits allow our team to keep close tabs on your energy, sleep, mood, and more.

Hormone Therapy for Men Can Help:

• Increase Energy

• Improve Sleep

• Enhance Libido

• Reach Your Target Weight

• Improve Mental Sharpness



Words alone can not express the gratitude that I have for Dr. Matt and his amazing team. What I found at Ethos was beyond what I imagined was possible. Dr. Matt literally saved my life. In the past 9 months I have lost 60lbs and my labs are nearly all within the normal range. From my very first meeting with Dr. Matt, he knew exactly how to help me reach my goals. His integrative approach encompassed all aspects of medicine including pharmaceutical, nutritional, herbal, and supplemental agents. If you finally want to be healthy and find a medical professional you can trust, then look no further.

Feel Like Yourself Again, So You Can Live Your Best Life!

Men's Hormones Resources

Making informed decisions about your health is important. So we’ve put together free resources where you can learn more about optimizing your health and hormones. Check these out and discover how Ethos can help you reach your goals.