Don’t Let Knee Pain Keep You Out of the Game

Don’t Let Knee Pain Keep You Out of the Game

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Kick Knee Pain to the Curb

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It’s something every athlete dreads, no matter what age—that twinge of pain in your knee, right when you’re on top of your game, that just keeps getting worse no matter how you treat it. The last thing you want to do is get surgery and be laid up at home for weeks, sacrificing the active lifestyle you enjoy.

But surgery isn’t the only answer for chronic knee pain. With an integrative approach that addresses the core issue and prevents further damage, you can get back in the game with no down-time or quick fixes.

Get Moving Again!

Data-backed Solutions to Knee Pain

Proven Treatments

Many of our patients have been told they need surgery to solve their knee pain. However, at Ethos, we use science-backed regenerative injection therapies for injuries like meniscus tears or osteoarthritis, a surgery-free solution to getting you back on your feet and doing what you love.

Integrative Approach

You won’t find a quick, temporary fix for your pain here. When we solve your pain, we want to solve it forever. Our expert doctors will determine what’s causing your pain, how to treat it, and how to stop it from coming back.

Specialists Who Care

Knee pain can be caused by so many different things, from a meniscus tear to a ligament strain. And no two athletes are the same—we’ll figure out the best treatment plan for you so you can keep playing the sport you love, or simply go back to enjoying your morning walks again.

Long-Term Results

Our regenerative injection treatments can treat and prevent knee pain in the long run. No surgery. No bed rest. Just an integrative solution that gets you back out in the field again.

I had been dealing with pain for 7 years and doctors weren’t willing to help since imaging was coming up clear. Dr. Matt and his whole staff are super friendly and helpful! The treatment I received has made my knee feel better than it has in years and I am finally down to very little or no pain again.
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Amanda M.

How Do Regenerative Injections Work?

Regenerative Injections are our number one solution to knee injuries like meniscus tears or osteoarthritis. Injections into the pain area can trigger cell production, regenerating the damaged tissue. When done correctly, this therapy has an incredibly high success rate and helps many patients avoid surgery, giving them more time to enjoy their active lifestyle.

Don’t Let Quick Fixes Or Surgery Keep You From The Active Lifestyle You Love

Knee Pain Resources

Still deciding what to do about your knee pain? You have many options to help you feel better again, whether you opt to have surgery or want a more integrative approach. Check out these free resources on knee pain to find out if Ethos’ approach is right for you.