Shoulder Pain Guide by Dr. Matthew Hernandez

Living with shoulder pain can be especially frustrating when you notice it limiting your every-day range of motion. So what steps can you take to get that weight off your shoulders?

This actionable guide will highlight common causes of shoulder pain and show you transformative tips which you can do at home to ease your pain.

end shoulder pain without surgery or pills - free guide

Knee Pain Guide by Dr. Matthew Hernandez

Dealing with knee pain is one of the most exhausting experiences someone can go through. We’ve heard many stories of people going to multiple doctors and enduring multiple treatments only to have their knee pain still bothering them.

This e-book explains a few reasons why you’re experiencing knee pain that a lot of other medical professionals usually miss. Knowing these reasons can help you better understand your knee pain and what type of care you should be receiving.

end knee pain without surgery or pills - free guide

Hip Pain Guide by Dr. Matthew Hernandez

Let’s break the chain. We’ve heard countless stories of patients seeing multiple doctors to help with their hip pain, only to receive numerous, costly treatments that only temporarily band-aid the problem.

Our e-book is a refreshing approach to understanding what could actually be causing your hip pain. Take back your mobility, take control of your health, and start receiving the care you deserve.