We help active people get rid of their joint pain WITHOUT the need for surgery or painkillers. 

Our mission as your local Scottsdale sports medicine clinic is to help you stay active and not let joint pain hold you back from doing what you love. We take a comprehensive approach when it comes to evaluating and treating joint pain, and we customize our Scottsdale regenerative medicine treatment plans based on your unique activity level and desired outcome.

Our practice is perfect for you if you want a long-term treatment plan that will help you eliminate joint pain, stay active, and avoid surgery and pain medications.

What Are You Concerned With?



So you’re experiencing joint pain and discomfort that is keeping you from doing what you love. You may be asking yourself:

  1. How do I know where to start with treating my joint pain?
  2. Is my joint pain a side effect of getting older?
  3. How can I fix the root of the problem rather than band-aiding it?

You may have looked into answering these questions by doing research on WebMD, talking to a friend, or consulting with a healthcare professional. However, you keep receiving conflicting information which can be very overwhelming.

Let our Scottsdale Sports Medicine Clinic give you the answers you seek.



We know you want to eliminate your joint pain, avoid any temporary band-aid fixes, and get back to being active. You’re looking to find answers and proactive solutions. Lucky for you, treating joint pain is what we do.

Our Approach

We believe in creating a game plan that will treat the cause of your pain and get you back on track for your personal goals. We collaborate with you, our providers, and referral partners to give you the best care, and provide cutting-edge, surgery-free treatments that eliminate your joint pain. If you’re looking for quality care and long-lasting results, you are in the right place.


Erik is a construction worker who was experiencing shoulder pain following an injury to his rotator cuff. Being unable to lift his arm overhead affected his job and his ability to weight train. Erik received our Regenerative Medicine treatments to help heal his rotator cuff and get back to lifting overhead and working pain-free.

Janet is a personal trainer and body builder. She was experiencing knee pain from a meniscus injury and arthritis. Her knee pain kept her from being able to train for competitions and showing clients proper techniques. Janet was treated with Regenerative Medicine therapies, no longer experiences knee pain, and is now able to continue training and compete.

Karen is an avid golfer who was experiencing low back pain that stopped her from playing golf. Our ultrasound scans found deposits of fat in her multifidi which lead to weak muscles in her low back. After receiving our Scottsdale Regenerative Medicine treatments here at Ethos, she has returned to playing golf and is able to enjoy her retirement.


Eliminate Joint Pain

Avoid Pain Medication & Surgery