82 – Low Back Pain due to Spinal Instability with Dr. Morgan Massingale and Dr. Tom Padilla

This is Episode 3 of our Low Back Pain Series. In this episode, we discuss what spinal instability is, what contributes to it, and what you can do to help solve it. This series features Dr. Morgan Massingale from Ethos Integrative Medicine and Dr. Tom Padilla from the Doctors of Physical Therapy.   Check out this episode!

32 – Is Your Joint Pain Being Evaluated Properly?

Dr. Matthew Hernandez is joined by Nashville Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Ethan Kellum to discuss how they both approach joint pain and why many people are not treated properly.  Dr. Ethan Kellum is the owner of Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics where he utilizes Regenerative Medicine in his practice to treat joint pain.   Dr. Matt is the host of…