Dr. Phranq Tamburri, N.M.D.

Prostate Health and Urology

Specialty Focus

Specializes in prostate conditions and analyzing the need for a biopsy following a high PSA or prostate surgery/radiation for diagnosed prostate cancer.

Conditions I Specialize In:

Assessing whether an elevated PSA is primarily caused by prostate cancer or, statistically more likely, other prostate conditions.

Care Philosophy

To meet the patient where they are. Patients confronting prostate cancer are unaware that cancer itself is only half the problem, the other half is the medical system, which one is often unknowingly forced to confront. Dr. Tamburri does not make decisions based upon the medical insurance requirements for insurance billing and government standards for patient care, this is a reason why he does not take insurance so he is not beholden to the medical establishment system.


Tangential to his care philosophy is Dr. Tamburri’s upbringing, raised by his Grandparents who survived World War II and The Great Depression. Understanding medical care through the (de)evolving medical system through his Grandparent’s eyes helped shape Dr. Tamburri’s focus in a specialty that helps with his understanding of the concerns and frustrations of the older population as they navigate the medical system.

Interests & Activities

Listening to Tangerine Dream riding my 1700cc Kawasaki through the open desert.

Student of history, especially the American Revolution.

Card illusionist

Embarrassingly large home Star Wars autographed collection

Connoisseur of German Electronic Synth music

Professional Affiliations

PCRI (Prostate Cancer Research Institute) – largest conventional/integrative active surveillance medical organization. USTOO.org